What’s the difference between Concrete Landscape Curbing Machine and Prefabricated curb machine?

1. Economic Comparison

If you are concerned about the cost of concrete curbs, Concrete Landscape Curbing Machine will help you to control the cost.

On-site operation of Concrete Landscape Curbing Machine requires only 4 to 5 people. After one-time molding, the curb is rarely repaired manually. About 1000-1500 meters of curbs can be formed by sliding mold every day.

Traditional curb prefabrication process generally requires the following processes: purchase a large number of curb molds-find a site for a large number of prefabricated curb stones-load and transport the curb from the prefab site to the construction site-on-site unloading, installation, and ditching. There will also be bumps and damage to the curb in the process. The installation efficiency per day is only about 500-600 meters.

Concrete Landscape Curbing machine production breaks the original operation mode and produces on-site, avoiding material waste in the prefabrication process, as well as loss during transportation and on-site installation, and can save raw materials by about 30%. Calculated based on the production of 1m³ concrete curb, the production of curb slipform machine has significant advantages such as labor saving, material saving, and time saving compared with the traditional prefabrication process, and it saves about 25%-35% of cost.

2. Practical Comparison

Because Concrete Landscaping Curbing Machine forms the curb directly on site by slip form, and can be embedded in the ground as a foundation. Therefore, the formed curb not only has good linearity and beautiful appearance, but also has high impact strength and stability. Its overall strength and stability are unmatched by traditional curb prefabrication technology.

The traditional curb prefabrication process produces curbs. Due to the on-site installation process, the curbs can only be simply filled and beautified. The soil changes on different foundations, the pressure changes inside and outside the road and other factors make the curbs unaffected by external forces. Staggering, directly affecting the appearance. If you are hit, the consequences are even worse.

Finally, I will use one sentence to summarize the advantages of Concrete Landscape Curbing Machine: high efficiency, beautiful appearance, low cost and high quality.