The medium-sized roadside stone slipforming machine has the characteristics of time-saving, labor-saving and high efficiency. With the progress of the times, it is more and more widely used in engineering construction. Cement concrete is used as a raw material to build special equipment such as curbs, road shoulders, isolation belts or drainage ditches in highway engineering. It is now widely used in various highway engineering constructions.

The equipment is composed of mechanical walking mechanisms, vibration processing structures, and molding The production structure and power supply system composition can be equipped with various molds to realize the equipment according to the design requirements in the curb engineering.

In fact, the amount of use of this type of equipment in actual projects is very high. It can very well avoid the problems of waste of raw materials, large investment in human resources, and poor control of time, and help the project contractor save the use of raw materials and reduce personnel input.  Make the construction work more time-effective and controllable. The curb preformer/prefabricated curb slip film machine improves the adhesion between the curb/curb and other structures and the bottom contact layer during operation, greatly extending their useful life. The road shoulder preforming machine/prefabricated curb slip film mechanism has a strong construction integrity, which is very effective in reducing the degree of damage after vehicle collision, and ensures the maintenance cost. Road shoulder preforming machine/prefabricated curb slip film machine It can be implemented after the pavement base layer is completed, and then the pavement paving operation can be carried out to cast the perimeter for the project first, and avoid the waste of paving materials.

The curbstone slipform machine is an automatic operation equipment for directly pouring and making curbstones, curbstones, drainage ditch and other facilities at the construction site. It does not need to be connected to a power source. The applicable equipment has its own engine to provide the required power for the operation. After adding the raw materials, through the processing of the curbstone slipform machine, standard hard curbstones, curbstones, and drainage ditch road facilities can be deployed, which is very powerful.

Since the development and production of the roadside stone slipform machine has been oriented to the market, it has received praise from customers. The equipment products are exported to various provinces and cities in China. In the actual work, the construction progress has been accelerated and the project quality has been improved.