From the second half of 2020 to now, we have successfully exported about 50 sets of curb machines to other countries. Our machine has been exported to America, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Ukraine, Russia, Mexico, Chile, Thailand, South Africa, India and so on.

Concrete curb machines are industrial scale pieces of equipment that are designed to pour concrete in special shapes to quickly create concrete objects such as curbs, gutters, barrier walls, sidewalks, ditches and more. Our compact, nimble machines get your curbing jobs done faster and more efficiently – even in tight spots. Therefore, our machines are well received by customers at home and abroad.

Our machine is widely used in the formation of highways and municipal curbs. The curb and gutter have a flat appearance, good water injection effect, simple operation and high production efficiency. Our machine is easy to operate, high efficiency, beautiful appearance, low cost, high quality and long service life.

We have five different sizes of curb machines, they are LYS-1 kerb machine, LYS-3 kerb machine, LYS-4 kerb machine, LYS-6 kerb machine and KB-20 kerb machine. Please check different kerb machine types as below.


The kerb size and shape can be made by your requirement. We have some standard molds for your options, if you have own mold drawing, we also could customize it as per you.

Please show us your molds drawing, including the width and height of your curb, let us check which model meet your project. You also could choose them from our available standard molds. If there is no mold drawing, is it convenient to draw a simple sketch? Then send it to us, only the standard width and height, as well as the contour of the curbstone are needed.

Different kerb machine has different features. If you want to know about our machine, please contact us, we will introduce the suitable machine to you.