In road engineering, curbs are an important part of road ancillary facilities. Curb Stone are further subdivided and called side stone, flat stone, edge stone, standing edge stone, flat stone curbs, etc., It often brings confusion to how to distinguish pricing. Curb stone, as the name implies, is a mark stone set between the road surface and other structures, or in other words,it is a design stone. Markers placed at the boundary between the edge of the road and other components of the cross section.

Curb stones can be divided into according to its application :

  1. Side stonecurbs: refer to those set on both sides of the road pavement or around the separation belt and the safety island, higher than the road surface, The carriageway is separated from sidewalks, green belts, partitions, safety islands and other structures. The scope of the carriageway is demarcated Maintenance of traffic safety and vertical guidance to remove road rainwater facilities. Side stone and flat stone can be used together, usually set At the edge of the asphalt pavement (see the figure below for details), they are collectively referred to as side stones. From a formal point of view, The biggest feature of the side stone is that it is higher than the road surface. Therefore, it is also called the standing edge stone and the standing road tooth, and the flat stone is also called the flat
  1. Marginconcrete curbs : refers to the setting between the roadway and the shoulder, between the high-grade pavement and the low-grade pavement, The joints of pavements of different structural types or the joints of the asphalt pavement with reserved intersections, the top surface of which is flush with the road surface, can be Facilities that allow motor vehicles to pass, demarcate the range of the road, tidy the road, and maintain the edges of the road from being damaged. Marginal stone The biggest feature is that it is flush with the road surface, so it is also called flat edge stone. Curb stones can be divided into: cement concrete prefabrication, natural stone chiseling, block masonry and cement Concrete pouring on site, etc. From the type, it can be divided into: straight type and arc type.
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