LYS-4 is one of the popular model for the road curb machine .  it is mainly used in different kind of roadworks ,such as highway, airport , and garden built .

Indonesia, with a population of 255 million, is the world’s fourth most populous country, the world’s largest archipelago country, and one of the ten largest countries in the world. Among the G20 countries, China, India, and Indonesia are the three fastest growing economies. s country. Therefore, Indonesia is also our main market. We attach great importance to cooperation with Indonesian customers and hope that our equipment can contribute to Indonesia’s economic development and road construction.

Fortunately, our LYS-4 concrete curb machine was exported and put into Indonesian road construction in October this year.  Although the negotiation cycle is relatively long, I am very grateful to our customers for their trust in us. After a year of thinking, I finally decided to cooperate with us. We believe that in the coming days, we will have more curbstone machines appearing in Indonesian road construction. 

how do you make the concrete curb ?

using the curbstone machine or the concrete curb machine directly ? if you have not been familiar with the curb machine /concrete kerb machine /road kerb machine ,please contact us for the detail information . we have different model to meet different requirement .


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