A curb is a component in highway construction, usually located at the edge of the road surface, to separate the road surface from the shoulder. It can be a short wall made of concrete or other materials that helps protect the pavement and provide guidance. A gutter machine is a device used in the drainage system to collect and remove rainwater, snowmelt water, or other liquids to ensure that there is no water accumulation on the road surface. These machines play an important role in road construction, enabling the fabrication of relevant components quickly, automatically and with high quality.

NC600 concrete slipform paver

NC600 concrete slipform paver

Picture 1: concrete curb 

water channel making machine

do you want the water channel making machine ?

Picture 2: concrete Gutter 

The working principle of the concrete curb and gutter  machine  is that the concrete enters between the mold and the foundation through the distribution device, and under the action of the built-in vibrating rod, the curb stone and rectangular drainage ditch of the designed shape are formed through the mold. The elevation and alignment of the curbs and rectangular gutters are automatically controlled by the paver’s steering and height sensors.

At present, the curb stone machine and the gutter machine have been accepted by more and more people, which can realize automation, improve work efficiency, and save labor。