LYS-4 Concrete Road Curb Machine is used in Indonesia for the roadworks

LYS-4 is one of the popular model for the road curb machine .  it is mainly used in different kind of roadworks ,such as highway, airport , and garden built . Indonesia, with a population of 255 million, is the

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landscape concrete curb machine invested in road construction in the Philippines

Since the Philippine government launched the “Build, Build, Build” large-scale infrastructure investment plan in April 2017, it is expected to invest 8.4 trillion pesos (approximately RMB 1.16 trillion) in infrastructure construction and construction projects across the Philippines within six years. Covers

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the classification of concrete curbs?

In road engineering, curbs are an important part of road ancillary facilities. Curb Stone are further subdivided and called side stone, flat stone, edge stone, standing edge stone, flat stone curbs, etc., It often brings confusion to how to

Some Things You Should Know About Concrete Curbs Making Machine ?

From the second half of 2020 to now, we have successfully exported about 50 sets of curb machines to other countries. Our machine has been exported to America, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Ukraine, Russia, Mexico, Chile, Thailand, South Africa, India and so on.

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Application and development prospect of medium-sized curb machine

The medium-sized roadside stone slipforming machine has the characteristics of time-saving, labor-saving and high efficiency. With the progress of the times, it is more and more widely used in engineering construction. Cement concrete is used as a raw material to

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