Product Description :

Uses of secondary structural column pump: used in high-rise building mortar and fine stone concrete transportation, secondary structural column grouting, various pressure grouting in reservoirs, hydraulic power stations, ports, and wharves, foundation treatment, weak foundations, reinforcement grouting, Backfill grouting bolt support in tunnel, subway and mine construction. Secondary structural column irrigation, as well as slope spray-anchor support. Relying on its powerful functions and wide range of uses, it has stirred up a sales boom once it was listed.

Features of mini concrete pump :

1. The use power of the pump is small, only 11kw, it only needs to be equipped with a small generator to work without power supply.

2. It is a small concrete pump in China, which is the choice for many narrow construction environments.

3. The pump is light in weight and easy to move.

4. The pump has high configuration, full hydraulic operation, stable performance, compact structure, low failure rate and long life.

5. The pump is affordable. There are three configurations of micro mortar pump, micro fine stone concrete pump and micro concrete pump for customers to choose.

6. Using piston structure automatic air pressure technology, high working pressure, long pumping distance and high pumping height.

Mini small Concrete pump

Introduction for the mini concrete pump :

1.Conveying Hopper: the edge is  extended . and the bevel is designed to face .outwards to prevent material .

2. Cool Air Cooling System : it can stably control the oil temperature below 55 degrees, and the equipment can work continuously for a long time .

3.Lubrication System : the butter goes directly to the important parts of the machine through the pipeline , making the machine durable .

4.Integrated Circuit :Use safe and rest assured , rest assured to buy .