DB2-25 Interlock Brick Machine

DB2-25 is the most popular interlocking brick machine over the world



Introduction :

DB2-25 is a type of professional hydraulic machine used to produce construction interlocking bricks, cement, sand, clay, shale and fly ash, lime and construction waste can be used as raw materials, it can produce different shapes and sizes bricks by changing the different molds. this equipment adopts hydraulic power system, with stable performance, long service life and so on.products with high density, frost resistance,penetration resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation, good resistance to penetration. the shape of the brick produced is of high accuracy and good flatness. is a more ideal environmental protection building materials equipment.


1, Using clay as raw material and adding 8% of cement to save cost, its brick type has strong chain property, and the covered house has good earthquake resistance.
2. Hydroforming, high density and high strength.
3. Patented products with reliable quality.
4. The production process is simple and can be produced everywhere.
5, less investment, quick results, can be fully recovered after half a year of production, very suitable for countries such as Africa.
6, can be produced all year round.
7, the appearance is beautiful, the construction is convenient, the low-rise building is solid, the high-rise building is made of filler and the cost is low.
8. Technical indicators are better than blue-red bricks.

General materials for interlocking brick making: 80-90% clay, 6-8% cement, 3% water; the percentage can be adjusted as demands.

diesel type interlocking block machine

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    Technical Parameter

    Model DB2-25(CE Certificate)
    Countries exported to Europe, America, Mexico, Australia, Ukraine, New Zealand, Africa, Bolivia and so on
    Mold type Double molds (2 bricks made per time)
    Capacity 2300-2900 bricks per day
    Materials clay 80-90%, cement 6-8%, water 3%; the percentage can be adjusted for different quality bricks
    Delivery time About 25 days after order
    Payment term 30% paid to start manufacturing, the balance paid before shipping

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