Large Particle Hydraulic Concrete Pump Truck Trailer

Concrete pump truck:

Capacity :40m3/h-60m3/h

Vertical distance :120-150m

Pumping motor speed:



The main features of concrete pump:

  1. Hydraulic system: The pumping circuit adopts an open system, and the hydraulic pump adopts a Kawasaki large displacement axial plunger swash plate variable pump to ensure the hydraulic system has strong impact performance, low temperature rise and convenient maintenance; the distribution circuit adopts a constant pressure variable control system , Hydraulic control reversing, reducing the impact of system reversing and improving the service life of hydraulic components.
  2. Pumping system: The use of a large-diameter concrete cylinder with good wear resistance, a small installation angle and an optimized design of the hopper, make it have strong suction performance. The S pipe distribution valve is assembled with a floating wear ring to automatically adjust the gap to ensure good sealing performance and easy replacement of the distribution valve. The main oil cylinder adopts a proximity switch to pick up the reversing signal in a non-contact state, which is reliable and easy to adjust; at the same time, it is equipped with a buffer replenishing device, and the piston is equipped with a metal ring seal to ensure sealing and reliability. The concrete cylinder piston adopts split wear-resistant polyurethane rubber, which has low impact and good wear resistance. The pumping system of the whole machine has the characteristics of high reliability, low operating cost and good maintainability. Mine concrete pumps are widely used in construction facilities such as high-rise buildings, highways, water conservancy, bridges and freight yards.
concrete pump truck


Description of Trailer Concrete Pump:

Concrete pump is a construction equipment which conveys concrete by pressure through pipeline.
It is equipped with special pipeline. It can continuously complete horizontal and vertical conveyance of concrete along pipeline.
It combines the production of ready-mixed concrete with pumping construction and uses coagulation.


concrete pump (10)

Application scope of concrete pump

  1. Transportation of floor heating, heat insulation, lightweight foamed cement, mortar, and small aggregate concrete;
  2. Conveying (spraying) refractory and thermal insulation materials; Transportation (spraying) of greening soil in ecological environment construction;
  3. Transportation (spraying) of plain concrete and fiber concrete in various engineering constructions; Pressure grouting of various foundation piles.

Technical Parameter

Products Details:

Parameters HBT60 HBT40
Theoretical delivery capacity 60m3/hr 40m3/hr
Deliver presser 5.7 Mpa 10 Mpa
Hydraulic pressure 26 Mpa 25 Mpa
Vertical delivery distance 150m 120m
Horizontal delivery distance 600m 300m
Pumping motor speed 1480r/min 1480r/min
Mixing diesel power 75kw 55kw
Main oil pump Original German HAWE/Rexroth and Japanese Kawasaki

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