LYS-20 Landscape Road Curb Machine Price

LYS-20 (KB20) is a kind of curb machine specially designed for large-scale highway construction. It has a dual steering system that is suitable for use on tight curves and is available in both tire and track.


The working principle of the Concrete Road curb sliding forming machine: a spiral blade is installed in front of the forming mold, and the blade rotates continuously, the cement concrete is continuously pushed into the forming mold, the curb is extruded, and a vibrating rod is installed in front of the forming mold, and the cement concrete reaches a certain degree of compactness through the high-frequency vibration of the vibrating rod, and the machine relies on its own power to move forward.

LYS-20 Curb Moudling Machine

LYS-20 Curb Moudling Machine

Structural features: 

The walking structure is composed of diesel generator sets, frequency converters, frequency conversion motors, reducers, front and rear axles, wheels, hydraulic steering and other mechanisms.    Realize walking, speed regulation, steering, loading and accurate control of hydraulic actuators.   The use of this machine for construction not only reduces the labor intensity of workers, but also improves work efficiency and quality. The superior cost performance has become the first choice for slipform construction.   The machine has the function of automatically finding the direction along the lead, and the mold hydraulic pressure is automatically raised, which greatly improves the construction quality and efficiency.

Purpose: On-site slipform paving of curbs, side ditches, and sidewalks. One machine can be used for gutters, curbs, curbs, shoulder stones, anti-collision walls, etc.

The advantages of the curb slipform process :high efficiency, beautiful appearance, low cost, high quality and long service life

Concrete curb machine

Concrete curb machine

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