LYS-20 Concrete Landscape Curb Paver for Highway Construction

Curb Range:Width≤2000mm, height≤600mm

Working speed:1-16m/min




Structural features: 

LYS-20 Concrete Landscape Curb Paver of The walking structure is composed of diesel generator sets, frequency converters, frequency conversion motors, reducers, front and rear axles, wheels, hydraulic steering and other mechanisms.

Products Advantages :

①Four-track chassis Brings super strong grip of the whole machine, excellent flatness of curbs, road shoulders, and side trenches! Completely eliminate the “nodding” phenomenon of “two-crawler models” on the market when encountering potholes! Especially suitable for “steep slopes, pits” “Wa” road conditions!

②Double automatic steering system Compared with competing models with only a single automatic steering system

it can reduce the position deviation of curbs, shoulders, and side ditches at bends by more than 95%! Especially suitable for “hard bends” road conditions!

③The new four-track model is equipped with anti-rolling self-locking function as standard During the construction process, no matter the uphill or downhill, there is no need to step on the brakes!

LYS-20 Concrete Landscape Curb Paver  automatically maintains the set walking speed and “never slips the car”! This ensures the construction effect and eliminates potential safety hazards!

④ Tracks and tires can be interchanged at any time Convenient for short-distance transitions and adapt to different working conditions!

⑤ Standard mold horizontal telescopic movement function (stroke 60cm) It is convenient for loading and transportation, construction in place, and convenient for construction of wider shoulders, side ditches, etc.

⑥The tire diameter of the “four-wheel new model” is 88cm Compared with competing models, the tires have a larger diameter and wider width, so the grip is stronger, and the flatness of curbs, shoulders, and gutters is better!

⑦Using full-time four-wheel drive design, strong power When the pavement aspect ratio is less than 5%, it can drive a full-load 18-square tank truck!

⑧Hydraulic system adopts two-stage heat dissipation of water cooling and air cooling It can effectively avoid the torque drop of the screw feeder caused by the high temperature of the hydraulic oil!

LYS-20 Concrete Landscape Curb Paver  has the function of automatically finding the direction along the lead, and the mold hydraulic pressure is automatically raised, which greatly improves the construction quality and efficiency.

Road Curbing Machine

Purpose:  On-site slipform paving of curbs, side ditches, and sidewalks. One machine can be used for gutters, curbs, curbs, shoulder stones, anti-collision walls, etc.

the work video for the LYS-20 Concrete Landscape Curb Paver:

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    LYS-20 Specifications Features
    Dimension 4700mm*2700mm*2500mm Greater weight, improve construction stability
    Weight 6800kg ensure smoothness of kerbs and
    consistent straightness
    Curb Size Range Width≤2000mm, height≤600mm Suitable for big kerbs
    Fuel Diesel Inline four-cylinder naturally aspirated
    Power 60kw Inline four-cylinder naturally aspirated
    Start-up Mode Electric Start Inline four-cylinder naturally aspirated
    Rotation Speed 2000 Rpm Inline four-cylinder naturally aspirated
    Radiating Way Water Cooling Inline four-cylinder naturally aspirated
    Digital Leveling System Leveling Scope: ±40mm Automatic temperature adaptation
    Voltage overload protection
    Paving Speed 1-16m/Min Imported CVT
    (continuously variable transmission)
    Adjust machine to the most suitable state
    Electromagnetic speed controller four speed gearbox
    Ensure step less adjustment of paving
    Hopper Capacity 1.2 m³ Bigger volume, reduce the number of shutdowns caused by insufficient feeding
    Operation Mode Manual Control, Remote Control Support short-range self-transition
    (maximum travel speed to 26m/min)
    Control Mode Steering : Automatic, Manual. Height: Automatic, Manual Control linear and level height precision
    Drive Mode All Time 4 Wheels Drive / Self-Balancing Adapt to more complex working conditions
    Can drive the concrete truck under the slope <5%


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