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LYS-4 Concrete Road Curbing Machine uses a vibrating rod to vibrate cement concrete to form curbs (this is the most commonly used construction technology for slipform construction curbs worldwide), compared to LYS-3  Concrete Road Curbing Machine (using screw augers to squeeze cement concrete to form curbs) Curbstone)

video for the LYS-4 Concrete Road Curbing Machine:


  1. Faster construction speed (adjustable within the range of 1m/min-5m/min)
  2. Formed curbstone has higher strength (because cement concrete allows more water and greater Stones)
  3. There are almost no wearing parts (the LYS-3 screw auger blades have frictional wear with cement concrete, and the screw auger needs to be replaced frequently, resulting in additional costs)
  4. Curb stones can be formed in a wide range of specifications and sizes

Concrete Road Curbing Machine appears in many highway construction and bridge construction.

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    Model LYS-4
    DIMENSION 2500mm*1850mm*1100mm
    Weight 800kg
    Curb size Width≤600mm,Height≤450mm
    Engine system 7.7KW, Single-cylinder water-cooled diesel engine, electric start, simple and reliable
    Curb molding method 1 Plastic concrete(Curbstone have a high strength)
    Curb molding method 2 Dry and hard concrete(curbstone have a nice appearance)
    Working speed 0—5m/min
    CVT transmission,
    Can adjust the working speed freely
    Hopper volume 0.4m³
    Advantage 1, adopt the vibrating rod vibrate the concrete to make the curbstone
    2,Working speed more fast, it can reach 5m/min
    3, Curbstone have a higher intensity, because it can add more moisture and bigger s


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