Introduction :

NC1300 multifunctional cement slipform paver is suitable for curbs, hard shoulders, gutters, sinks, New Jersey guardrails and other side paving purposes. It can quickly form concrete by vibrating and squeezing with customized molds. The construction is simple, convenient and efficient.

Performance characteristics

Precise linear control, through the high-precision steering sensor, can achieve superimposed paving;

Personalized design, clear at a glance, easy operation, quick and comprehensive control, modern control screen, and clear graphic identification symbols, make the operation of the paver easier and faster;

Multi-channel sensor elevation control, in order to ensure that NC 1300 has a more ideal paving effect during the construction process, this product is equipped with two vertical and one horizontal three-way elevation sensors, and the hydraulic pressure adopts proportional control, which improves the response speed and stability of the sensor , Thereby improving the flatness of the paving and ensuring the accuracy and quality of the paving structure.

NC1300 Concrete Curbing Machine