T-shaped Self-propelled Water Channel Making Machine

The automatic drainage ditch forming machine is a purely customized drainage ditch automatic construction machine.



Reduction  of the T-shaped Self-propelled Water Channel Making Machine 

The machine adopts automatic hydraulic control, stable and reliable performance, durable, high automation, low labor intensity, channel foundation can be refined.

Automatic walking, automatic control of channel casting thickness, levelness, good lining quality, straight channel body, standard water discharge level, dense concrete, uniform lining thickness, smooth surface, strong integrity and durability, good anti-seepage effect, long service life, high channel water utilization factor, experimental results show that the effective utilization coefficient from  the head of 400 meter channel to the end is 0.988.

This machine has few production operators, high production capacity, and more than 400 meter casting channel can be made per day. It is quite good at the construction of agriculture canal with large engineering amount. It is the replacement product of U-shaped groove forming machine and steel wire rope traction channel cast-in-place machine, filling the market gap.

Compared with the installation of impervious canal with prefabricated tile and cast-in-situ machine of soil model, the equipment can save more than 55% water and increase the working progress by 5-8 times. The problem of easy deformation of the prefabricated U-shaped canal fixing frame is solved, and the process of Midway transportation is omitted, and the anti-freezing and swelling capacity of the canal body is improved.

water channel making machine


  1. Mechanized operation, high production efficiency.

The forming speed of the flat vibrating monolithic U-shaped channel preformer is 5~8 m / h, which of mobile vibratory pressure machine is 5~7m / h. The forming speed of fully automatic machine is 40-50 m/h.

  1. Slotted process, beautiful appearance, low cost, and easy operation of the machine.
  2. Water resourcescan be saved.

The water-saving effect of the anti-seepage channel is very significant. According to the test, the effective utilization coefficient of the water in the bucket channel (trapezoidal compound with curved bottom) reaches 0.983~0.996, and the effective utilization coefficient of the water in the agricultural channel (overall U-shaped channel groove) reaches 0.978~0.996. Water saving is 200~600 m3 per mu.

4.Improve the ability to resist drought disasters.

The anti-seepage channel reduces leakage, lowers the irrigation quota, and improves the efficiency of water use, thereby improving the irrigation guarantee rate and irrigation quality.

5, land saved.

Compared with earth canal, concrete U-shaped anti-seepage channel occupies about 40% less land.

6, labor saved

labor saving in water management, canal protection, weed cleaning, dredging, etc.

project for water channel making machine


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